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Lyngro gives content publishers the tools needed to learn more about their user’s and their preferences. We provide content publishers actionable data and insights around their user-content relationship. This allows content publishers to build more compelling content strategies and audience targeting to drive higher engagement metrics and increase revenues.

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The Lyngro Mind

The Lyngro mind is our Artificial Intelligence core. It is made of smart machine learning algorithms that build the user profiles by learning their implicit preferences. It then uses it’s intelligence to push highly personalised content to your users to capture their attention and address their content hunt.

The Lyngro Heart

At Lyngro we allow our heart to control our mind, and at the heart of Lyngro is our promise of increased user engagement on your site.

Lyngro vows to





What We Offer

Resurface Content

Resurface relevant content for your archive and ever green content.

User Engagement

Engaging with your users through tailored widgets, notfications, and newsletters.

Machine Learning

A Machine Learning core that offers various different recomendation logics and prediction models to engage with your users in a highly personalized and tailored way.


An insights dashboard that allows you to explore, experiment, and answer all user-content questions and visualize your content performance.

How We Do It

We Make Our Customers Happy

Lyngro provides content publishers with the tools needed to engage their users with tailored content and create more compelling content strategies to increase retention and reviews

Widget Integration

Integrate our highly customizable widget.


Filter, process, and prepare the data on our big data infrastructure.

Artificial Intelligence

Our artificial intelligence and recommendation algorithms use the data to build ever-growing user profiles and serve highly personalized recommendations.

Recommendation types

The recommendations are served in web-widgets, emails, and notifications.

User Profiles

The user profiles are served in insightful dashboards to allow the human intelligence in making data oriented decisions and address their user's preferences.

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